Hi! ★

Bronx native, nerdy Afro-Latina, and illustrator on Monique Fields’ debut picture book Honeysmoke: A Story About Finding Your Color, Yesenia is a freelance toy designer and illustrator. When she's not off filling the world with bright and colorful art, her past times include playing really silly dating sims and kicking back with her wildly photogenic dog Divo. 

Email: hello@yeseniamoises.com.

For children’s book related inquiries please direct them to the attention of Kelly Sonnack at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency kelly@andreabrownlit.com

Clients include:

  • Mattel/Fisher-Price

  • Epoch Everlasting Play (previously known as International Playthings)

  • Macmillan Children's Publishing Group

  • Spin Master

  • Action Lab Comics Inc.

  • Amino Apps

  • Commonwealth Toy

  • b. little & co.